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Systeemontwerper, Programmeur (C en C++), Informatie Analist, Systeembeheerder
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opdracht in: Informatietechnologie

10-09-1990 t/m 19-04-1994 Electro Technical High School, Rijeka, Croatia

19-04-1994 t/m 19-06-1996 Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Ljubljana,

Enjoy working in conditions involving high degree of creativity and
Easily manage pressure and stress.
Thanks to good time management skills have no difficulties meeting deadlines.

Possess strong sense of responsibility, direct and friendly style of

C/C++ Expert 5 years

Microsoft Visual C++ Expert 5 years

Microsoft Visual C++ for CE Expert 3 years

MFC Expert 5 years

STL Expert 3 years

COM/DCOM Advanced 2 years

OO (object oriented programming)Expert 4 years

Sourcesafe Expert 4 years

TCP/IP Expert 3 years

ESRI GIS Expert 3 years

SQL Advanced 1 year

periode:19-08-2001 t/m heden
functie:System Specialist/Consultancy
omschrijving:Linux Internet hosting (FrontPage extensions, Apache)

Windows Internet hosting (NT4, Win2000Server, IIS, FrontPage extensions, Post
office, serv-u, Imail)

Backup administration

Databases Microsoft SQL and mySQL

Implementing Security (Net Guard Guardian Firewall, Microsoft ISA Server,
Windows 2000 Security Polices, Linux built-in Firewall)

Implementing exchange server, file server

VPN Services Implementation

WAP gateway implementation

Installing and configuring Internet connection via xDSL

Technical Support for BackOffice products

Microsoft BackOffice consultancy

periode:01-03-1998 t/m 08-02-2001
functie:Senior Software Developer/Designer/Team Leader
omschrijving:Implementation Consultancy
Development of embedded Tracking&Tracing system based on Linux platform.
GSM is used for communication to central system and GPS for tracking
(developed in C/C++)

Team leading role in the development of the websites
( , )

Team leading, designing, testing and partially development role in
implementation of in-car system for navigation and real time traffic
information representation. Technology used is GPS and RDS/TMC ( )

Design and Implementation of the system for decoding and encoding GATS and
messages (VC++)

Implementation of TIC (traffic information center) system for distribution of
informationís on number of outputs (fax, mail, ftp, sms, wap, printer,
teletext, etc.). System is build using MS Cluster Server, DCOM technology and
SQL server.

Design and implementation of route planner with graphical presentation for
public transport using multiple sources of information.

Design and implementation of automated FTP client ( VC++ )

Implementation of high performance system for real-time traffic information
calculations based on metadata received from the field

Customer support

periode:19-05-1995 t/m 19-06-1996
functie:Software Developer
omschrijving:Design and development using Turbo Pascal