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Bedrijfs- en productpresentaties, Service Manager
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opdracht in: Communicatie en media, Zakelijke dienstverlening

LTS C Electronica
LTS B Electronica
VEV MIE electronica
VEV ATIE Electronica

Philips DCN System; in the Netherlands
IVS Voting System; in the Netherlands
Sony trouble shooting; in the Netherlands
Sony Beamers; in the Netherlands

I have experience with Projection, Voting, Light and Sound for example:
Beamers : Barco 2100, 3100, 6300, 6400, 8200, 9200, 9300
: Sony 1270, 1271
: Sanyo
: Eiki
: Ampro

Retro´s : Barco 8000, 8001 and Sony rvp 6000 & 6001

: Sony dc 1024
: Extron / Barco interfaces
: Analog wav
: Extron 200
: Slideprojectors
: Barco Preca

Sound : Philips DCN System
: Wireless microphone from Sennheise, Shure
: Mixers from Soundcraft KI – SC8/2, Yamaha Mux-1204
Light : Basic light system

Translation : Philips DCN System
: Philips IC 400

Voting : Syscom IVS with chipcard and without

Software : Powerpoint, Scala, Ivs Basic, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Office
: Media Point

periode:01-01-1998 t/m heden
bedrijf:NEDFREE audiovisual
omschrijving:I have worked for them in the following countries as a audiovisual
in congresses:
Austria, Belgium, England, France,
Germany, Ireland, Italy, Morocco,
The Netherlands, Romenia, Spain,
Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden,
Tunisia and the United States ect,

periode:00-00-0000 t/m 00-00-0000
bedrijf:diverse audio/video bedrijven