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Oracle 9i certified DBA
leuke klus

General education

1975-1980 : school of higher general secondary education
1980-1983 : intermediate technical school
direction civil engineering
1983-2002 : several technical en general IT-courses


1993 AMBI HB1 databases
1998 AMBI HG1 organizing in IT
1999 AMBI HG2 using technical infrastructures
2000 AMBI HG3 working in IT projects
1999 AMBI HX1 components and aspects of IT-exploitation
1999 AMBI HUI higher universal informationtechnology
2000 PDI Practical diploma informationtechnology
1999 Foundation Certificate in IT-Service Management
1999 Oracle 7.3 Certified professional DBA
2000 AMBI HG3 designing information systems
2000 Oracle 8 Certified professional DBA
2000 Certified Unix administrator for Legato
2000 Oracle 8i Certified professional DBA
2000 Oracle developer PL/SQL module
2002 Oracle 9i Certified professional DBA

Relevant courses

1994 AIX for users, IBM
1994 AIX installation and implementation, IBM
1994 Local Area Networks, IIR technology
1994 Oracle DBA7 part 1, Oracle
1994 Oracle DBA7 part 2, Oracle
1995 Korn shell programming, IBM
1995 Oracle SQL en SQLplus, Oracle
1995 Oracle system administration under Unix, Oracle
1995 TCP/IP concepts and architecture, IBM
1995 Working with PL/SQL, Oracle
1996 Develop PL/SQL program units, Oracle
1996 SAP/R3 unter Oracle, SAP
1996 Application management with Patrol, BMC
1997 Backup and recovery, Oracle
1997 Managing Oracle under NT, Oracle
1997 Building with forms 4.5 Developer 2000
1997 Windows NT introduction, IIR technology
1997 Optimizing SQL, Oracle
1997 Oracle performance tuning, Oracle
1998 Oracle Network administration, Oracle
1998 Oracle webserver administration, Oracle
1998 Web applications with Oracle webserver, Oracle
1999 Networker 5.5 for Unix administrator, Legato
1999 New features Oracle 8, Oracle
2000 Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle
2000 Java for Non Programmers
2001 New Feature Oracle 9i, Oracle
2002 Administering Oracle Application server 9i

Platform/OS MVS
Unix HP (version 10/11)
AIX (version 4.3.5)
Solaris (version 6,7,8)
Windows NT
Windows 2000
Backup tools Legato (certified)
ADSM (Tivoli Datamanager)
Monitor tools Netview (IBM)
Patrol (BMC)
Openview (HP)
Spotlight on Oracle (Quest)
Precise (Precise Software)
Reorg tools Tsreorg (Platinum)
Fast Unload (CA)
Replication tools Shareplex (Quest)
Oracle products Oracle Server (release 6-9)
Oracle Apllication server
Oracle developer 2000 (Forms)
Oracle designer 2000
Oracle Names
Oracle Enterprise Manager (version 1.3.5 - 9)
Oracle Parallel Server
Advanced replication
Recovery manager
Programming Kornshell, Cshell
ITIL tools ITSM (HP)


Sep 1983 – feb 1999 : ABP, pensionfund for civil servants
Worlds 2nd biggest pensionfund

1983 - 1985 Job controller on IBM mainframe
1985 - 1988 Storage management on IBM mainframe
1988 - 1994 DBA on IBM mainframe (IMS, DB2, Supra)
1994 - 1997 Oracle DBA on Unix and NT
1997 – 1999 Responsible for infrastructure of Oracle software and tools on Unix platform

Feb 1999 – Apr 2001 : Inter Access, a software house, 1000 employees


Feb 1999 – Apr 2001 Oracle DBA for Libertel, mobile telephone company (daughter of Vodafone UK)

Apr 2001 - present : Own company


April 2001 – present Oracle DBA for D2Vodafone, mobile telephone company (daughter of Vodafone UK)

Activities 99-01 (at Libertel/Vodafone Telecom, Heerlen- Maastricht)

• Implementation new billing system (Amdocs)
• Conversion from Oracle 7 to 8
• Installation and implementation of Oracle 8i
• Implementation of Oracle’s Recovery Manager with Legato as media layer
• Making Kornshellscripts for Oracle adminstration
• Implementing Oracle’s Webdb
• Tutor of junior DBA
• Teamleader of DBA team (from february 2000 until April 2001)
• Setting up Oracle Enterprise Manager
• Worked with Oracle on Sun, HP and Windows NT

Activities 01-02 (at D2/Vodafone Dusseldorf )

• Implementation new billing system (Amdocs)
• Tuning SQL and database
• Making Kornshellscript for Oracle administration
• Implementation of ETL for DataWareHouse
• Installation and implementation of Oracle 9i
• Developed PL/SQL
• Installing and implementation of OEM 2.2
• Set up advanced replication for reference data