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System Engineering, Professional Service

Northeastern University, Boston Massachusetts, USA
Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology-1982

Wray Castle - UK
� SS7 Signaling Protocols

Worcester Polytechnic Institute:
� Management Institute
� Project Management

Stratus in-house training:
� ATM Networking � Token Ring Networks
� System Administrator � TQM (Total Quality Management)
� Communication Strategies � Unix & HP-Unix

Northeastern University, State-of-the-Art:
� ANSI C Programming Language
� Local Area networks -Ethernet designs

Wentworth Institute, Boston Massachusetts:
Associate of Applied Engineering - 1970

� System Engineering � System Administration and support of third party System Administers.
� Acceptance Testing and Integration for advanced signaling (SS7) applications in the Telecommunications industry.
� IN, (Intelligent Networks) Applications support and System Engineering.
� SS7 ITU & TCAP, SCCP, Spectra (SS7) Switch/Network emulator, VoIP, TCP/IP,
� UNIX: HPUX, FTX, Linux (Red Hat & SuSE), SUN, MS Windows, NT, NeXt, MAC, VOS.
� Languages: PERL, ANSI-C.

An extensive experience in the ICT industry and Engineering with a diverse background from professional services, applications testing, project management, systems engineering, applications and product support, pre-sales support, specifications, design and laboratory work.