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Commisioning Specialist
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Professional Experience:
GTI (part of Suez)
NAM ZWE/OPK1, Oude Pekela, NL: 03/2006 - 06/2006
Commissioning Manager / Interim Construction Manager (EPC)

Yanbu Refinery, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia & Milan, Italy. 03/2005 - 01/2006
Project Commissioning Manager (EPC)
* Managed Pre-Commissioning of Aramco revamp UOP Platformer, new Cyclomax CCR and new Isomerisation plant.
AGIP Onshore NC-41 Natural Gas Plant, Mellitah, Libya. 12/2004 - 03/2005
Deputy Commissioning Manager (EPC)
* Executed part of commissioning of Mellitah NG stabilizing and desulhurizing plant.
MOL refinery, Hydrogen plant, Szazhalombatta, Hungary. 04/2004 - 12/2004
Commissioning Manager (EPC)
* Managed the commissioning and startup of a 40.000 Nm3/hr Halder Topsoe Hydrogen plant.

Stork GLT (JV Stork / Jacobs Engineering) - Hoogezand, NL. 05/2002 - 12/2003
Commissioning Coordinator (EPC)
Deputy Head of Commissioning [2003]
* Coordinated all relevant activities for the commissioning of initially 2 parallel complete KingSizeClusters NG treatment unit's part of GLT revamp program NAM Slochteren, NL. (JV Exxon/ Shell). Following year executed commissioning organization of 3 parallel KSC's.
* Increased commissioning process during 3 months in order to makeup 3 weeks delay.
* Improved procurement / vendor support and material deliveries process.

AVR - PRV - Arnhem, NL.: 06/2001 - 04/2002
Commissioning Manager (Owner/Operator)
* Coordinated/organized the commissioning and startup of a ThyssenKrupp EnCoke BFB paperpulpresidue incineration and conversion unit for Topcrete including steamgeneration.
* Erected commissioning execution plan.
* Improved the vendor commissioning process.
* Liaison for the customer towards the different main- and subcontractors.

Technip France SA, TTIL - Alexandria, Egypt. 09/2000 - 01/2001
Shift Controller (EPC Commissioning and Startup) Grass root MIDOR refinery.
* Lead and startup integrated complex refinery units.
* Shift responsible for commissioning and startup of various refinery units.

Koch Industries - Rotterdam, NL. 05/1994 - 06/2000
Manager Operations, (Owner/Operator) midstream market NGC & Light Crude oil Refinery.
Former EuroStill B.V., subsidiary of J.Aron Company of Goldman Sachs.
* Run the plant in a safe and optimized mode.
* Operated the NGC refinery safe, with minimal emission and with the maximum production.
* Independent within production support budget.

* Tasks:
* Managed unit commissioning, startup and debottlenecking.
* Decreased potential SH&E incidents.
* Coached and mentored process operators including training and supervising the shifts. Responsible for planning personnel.
* Liaison for 3rd parties related to production. (VOPAK, SGS, logistics UK)
* Coordinated production in close cooperation with logistics scheduler and oiltrader.
* Evaluated daily workplanning and designed of productionplans.
* Managed refinery expansion project locally. Pre-study until construction kick-off.
* Executed various projects and study's as:
o Mercury (Hg) removal hydrocarbons,
o Water removal Jet-A1 fuel study,
o Logistics system development/improvement,
o Leader various HaZops,
o Plant information historian implementation.
* Accomplished goals;
* Erected all regulations, instructions and procedures related to production required for operating the installation in a timeframe of 6 months according ISO-9004.
* Managed the operations team and started the unit ahead of the projected timeframe.
* Total unit increase of 40%, [6 months] and optimized / debottlenecking the kerosene treater resulted in increase of 60%, [1 year].
* Optimized the refinery - tankstorage logistics and the communication process UK-NL.
* Lead part of reorganization process from a hierarchical structure to a self-steering organization.

Gemeentelijke Dienst Afvalverwerking - Amsterdam, NL. 04/1992-03/1994
Supervisor Chemical Waste Facility (Municipal Waste Disposal Department)
* Interim manager and Project supervisor during reorganization and upscaling of the facility.
* Coordinated implementing of new environmental guidelines (CPR) into new facility.

BP Amoco Netherlands Production Company - Offshore, NL. 07/1990-01/1992
Production Supervisor.
* Responsible for the offshore crude oil production.

Kuwait Petroleum Europoort B.V. - Rotterdam, NL. 09/1987-06/1990
Senior Area Technician [1990]
Area Technician: [1987]
* Operation, commissioning and startup after construction of various complex refinery plants.

Unocal of the Netherlands B.V. - Offshore, NL. 09/1982-08/1987
Offshore Installation Manager, : [1987]
1st Process Operator (shiftleader), [1986]
* Various offshore crude oil production units on North Sea continental shelf.

BSc (Dutch): Chemical Engineering 1990
AA Process Engineering 1979
AA Mechanical Engineering 1978

Languages: English
Italian, French (basic), Arabic (basic)


* Risk Management: Risk analyses and approaches.
* Risk Control (ILCI): Safety policy via organization.
* VVA-2: safety for supervisors (VOL-VCA)
* SMAT: Safety Management Audit Technique
* PTW: Work Permit Risk Analyses system.
* Media / Command post incident training; media training especially for calamities.
* CCR Platforming Process Operations.
* Penex / Molex Operations course.
* Operation of Kongsberg KG2 Gasturbine.
* Honeywell TDC-3000 LCN operations; usertraining processcontrol system + update UCN.
* Modicon 3000 PLC training; PLC user training.

IT experiences

Extensive user of:
* MS-Excel, MS-Word, MS-Office, MS-Access, MS-Powerpoint, MS-Project, Lotus123, Windows XP/NT, Netscape 6.0, Outlook, IE 6.0, eMatrix 9.0.,
* PrimaVera Project Planner P3W.
* Honeywell TDC-3000 LCN/UCN, Foxboro rel. 6.1.1, Modicon 3000 PLC, Yokogawa DCS rel. 3.02


Absorber, Aerobe Biological watertreating, Amine treating, API separation, Aramco, Asphalt Oxidation, Atmospherical Distillation, Blending, Bubbling Fluidised Bed incineration, Caustic treating, CDU / VDU, Chemical Waste, Claus, Commissioning, Compression, Construction, Continuous Catalyst Recycling, CPI separation, DAF, Debottlenecking, Debutanizer, Deethanizer, Dehexanizer, Delayed Coker, Desalting, Dieselblending, Dieseloil, Drybulk handling, Drybulk storage, Drybulk transport, Drying, Electrical Dehydration, ESP, Expertise, FBR, FG recovery, Flare systems, Flotation separation, Fluegas treating, FMEA, Foxboro DCS rel. 6.1, Fractionation, Furfural Extraction, Gas Stripping, Gaslift, Gasoil, Gasturbines, Gaswells, Glycol dehydration, HaZop, Honeywell TDC3000 LCN / UCN, Hydrofinishers, Hydrogen generation, Interim, ISO, Isomerisation (Penex), JetA1 production, Kerosene treating, Logistics oil / chemical, Loss Control, LPG splitting, LPG treater, LPG-desulphurizer, Maintenance, MeOH dehydration, Mercury, Mercurytreating, MDEA, Molecular Sieve (Molex), Naphtha Hydrotreating, Naphthasplitting, NG dehydration, NG production, NGC / NGL, Offshore, Offsites, Oil production, Oilwells, Onshore, Optimisation, Oxystripping, PEFS review, Pelletizing, PFD + P&ID review, Pipeline operations, Planning, Platformer with CCR & Cyclomax, Power generation, Pre-commissioning, Propane De Asphalting (PDA), Propane Extraction, PSA / VSA, Pulptransport, QRA, QSHE, Recontacting, Refining, Reorganisation, Safety, Scheduling, Sewage, Shipping, Shutdown Co-ordination, Sour Water, Stabilizer, Stripping, Start-up, Steamboiling / generation, Sulphur unit (Claus), Sulphur solidifcation, Tailgas, Tankterminal logistics, Topcrete (cement) transport, Trading, Troubleshooting, UOP / UC, VCA, Wastewatertreating, Waterfiltration, Waterinjection, Workover, WWTP.


Mr. Ben Schnieders
Deputy Refinery Manager, Koch Industries
+31 651 216 775; email:

Mr. Henk Havelaar
Lead Instrumentation Engineer, Stork GLT
+31 653 269 811; email:

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