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Netherlands, by Mandiraan Delft, Level 4 with certification

Feb. 2005-: in Delft University of Technology, Dept. of Electrical Engineering. The main work is doing research on Smart Sensor System:
Research on sensor front-end,
Design on sensor interface,
Design on sensor measurement systems.
Sept. 1997-Aug. 2002: Ph. D in Delft University of Technology, Dept. of Electrical Engineering. With STW project "CMOS temperature sensors and bandgap references". The main works are:
Learning background knowledge,
Characterizing the bipolar transistors fabricated in CMOS technology, including designing the test chip, designing the measurement set-up, performing the measurement and data processing.
Circuits design, including design, simulation, layout design and test. The prototypes including:
Thermocouple interface with on-chip temperature sensor and bandgap reference. This is a mixed-signal integrated circuit.
Switched-Capacitor instrumentation amplifier with Dynamic Element Matching for feedback.
Taking care of hand-on in the Euro-practice course "Smart Sensor Systems" every year. The works including:
Designing the set-ups of the Smart Sensor Systems, mainly including: Acceleration measurement system, Pt100 temperature measurement system, Thermistor temperature measurement system, Humidity measurement system and multi-purpose measurement system.
Preparing materials for the hands-on.
Giving intraductal presentation for the hands-on.
Giving instructions while hands-on.
Writing articles.
Writing thesis.
Sept. 1996 - Sept. 1997: developing a test board for chip UTI (Universal Transducer Interface), which is still used for the UTI product test in Rood Technology Ltd. in Germany. UTI is a product of BV Smartec in Netherlands. The work mainly includes:
Schematic circuit design,
Using ORCAD to design the PCB.
PCB test,
Solving EMC problems and redesign the circuit and PCB,
Programming the microcontroller using C.
Programming the pal's (programmable array logic).
Final test, in combination with the other part designed by engineer in Rood Technology Ltd.
Aug. 1995 -Sept. 1996, working on smart sensor measurement systems at Delft Univ. of Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering, Delft, The Netherlands. The work includes:
Developing the UTI evaluation systems,
Performances test of UTI.
Developing application boards of UTI.
Hands-on support for the course "Smart Sensor System".
July, 1987 - April 1993: Assistant lecturer and lecturer in Department of Bio-medical Engineering, Tianjin Medical Univ. Tianjin, P.R.China. The work includes giving lectures in Electronics for medical application and practical training of medical instruments for students.
PC experiences:
ORCAD for PCB design,
C language for programming the Microcontroller,
Microsoft Office (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint),
PSpice for circuit simulation,
Tanner L-Edit for IC layout design,
LabView for measurement and control systems,
HP-VEE for measurement and control systems,
IC-CAP (in UNIX) for IC device measurement,
Cadence for IC design.

I am a teamplayer, I like to work in cooperation with other colleges. I like to work in one or more projects witho clear final results.
I like to do the works such as:
Design of measurement and/or control systems, design of analogue or mixed-signal circuits, perform measurement and/or test, design of printed circuit board (PCB), IC layout design.

Gewenst type bedrijf:
I like to work in technique companies.

Gewenste regio:
I like to work in the area of Zuid Holland, around Den-Haag and Rotterdam is the best.

Huidige salaris:
2650 Euor/Month

Vast, Uitzenden/Tijdelijk

Uren: 24 - 32 uur, 32 - 40 uur
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